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M. Pascal Mordrel3 december 2020 om 18:38

Please I would like that the shipment will be delivered on Monday Dec 7th at the latest. Thk you. Rgds . Pascal Mordrel

M. Pierre BILEK19 september 2020 om 13:27

Good day,
When do you ship my order ?
Will you send me a tracking number ?

Mr. phinyoyos thanyasiri28 mei 2020 om 11:45


hi how i can cancel my oder
because it not ship please refeand

Please contact me

sorry for my eng am thai


Mr. Paul Ardley14 mei 2020 om 23:47


Please can you let me know when this order will be dispatched?

Mr. Alvaro Hernandez23 maart 2020 om 15:27


Hello - 18 months later and I still do not have the plane. This is unheard of. You never responded to my emails. What happened with this order and my money?

Mr. Jelle Huts9 maart 2020 om 12:59


is dit al verzonden?


Mr. NEIL WILKINSON29 februari 2020 om 10:48

Hi, can you tell me when I can expect my order to be delivered
Many thanks Neil

Dhr. Dennis van de Watering24 januari 2020 om 11:28


Zou u mij kunnen vertellen waarom het model nog niet verzonden is?



Pan. Martin Fafejta20 januari 2020 om 12:46


my order has not yet been delivered. Can you please tell me which courier service sent the goods?

I'll try to contact them.

Thank you
Martin Fafejta

Senhor Olicio Betiati Junior15 januari 2020 om 0:01

Good Night

Coupé send me a pack tracker of my order, thanks for everthing.

Mr. Robert Kerch12 januari 2020 om 11:02

Status of order? Any information on shipment yet?

Mr. Bui Thien2 januari 2020 om 14:37

Hi, I’ve made a payment, I’m wondering is my product is in processed and going to ship. Thank you

Mr. carlos cajigas5 december 2019 om 15:38

Hello there, can you tell me what is the status of my order? :) If it was shipped?

Herr Ulf Grohmann23 november 2019 om 11:41

My DHL Packstatio Adress

Ulf Grohmann
Postnummer 30500856
Packstaion 107
37075 Göttingen

M. michel DARET14 oktober 2019 om 13:31


Sorry but I don't accept a " backorder". Item was supposed to be available when ordered and paid as it. I don't want to wait indefinitely SO, I request a refund of this, as soon as possible!
I wait for your answer.


Frau Barbara Erdt23 september 2019 om 12:40


I am still waiting for Hollandmegastore to come back to me. Already paid but never delivered... very poor feed-back!

HOLLANDMEGASTORE25 september 2019 om 12:34

Good afternoon,

As the Air Namibia A319 and A330 models are out of stock, we have refunded the payment on your request.

Best regards,


Mevr. Myriam De Lepeleire9 september 2019 om 10:02


Goede morgen,

Ik bestelde een SABENA scale/400 B707, maar u stuurde me een Sobelair B707.
Bij gevolg wens ik deze terug te sturen tegen terugbetaling!!
Gelieve me te laten weten hoe ik dit moet doen!
Vriendelijke groet,

Senhora Sofia Ferreira13 augustus 2019 om 18:21

Could you please inform me about my order?
I made it a long time ago.

HOLLANDMEGASTORE25 september 2019 om 12:35

Good afternoon,

The Malaysia Boeing 777 model has been shipped already to you by DHL including tracking information. We hope you have received it already.

Best regards,


Mr. Majid Alsenaani15 juli 2019 om 7:28


When i am going to receive my order !!!

Mr. John Motton12 mei 2019 om 22:37

Can I have an update on when shipping will be please? Thanks

Mr. Eric Kenney7 mei 2019 om 17:22

Hello - I see that the status of my order shows "Status Backorder".. What exactly does this mean and do you have an estimate of when it will be ready to ship?

Sig Luca Crugnola9 april 2019 om 17:36

Hello I just noticed you have in stock the Alitalia Airbus A321 retro 1/200 scale desk model and I would like to purchaseit as well. Will it be possible to make only one expedition with this order. In case please, hold the order, and let me know how I can pay for the A321 model. regards

Mr. Yuval Cohen5 april 2019 om 13:09

I pay already for this order and the item dosent arrived yet please let me know about it.

HOLLANDMEGASTORE25 september 2019 om 12:36

Good afternoon,

According to DHL, the parcel has already arrived at your address in Israel.

Best regards,


Sig carlo francia8 februari 2019 om 9:32

has my item been shipped out ?
I need to receive at the latest monday 11th february. After that I will be away fro travel and the delivery risk to be bounced back to you.
Best Regards

HOLLANDMEGASTORE14 februari 2019 om 14:06

Good afternoon,

Yes, it has been shipped last week to you. If it's coming back, we will let you know.

Best regards,


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